Top 5 Documentaries Review

The documentaries I like the most during reflection from least to best:


5. Amanda Knox by Francesca Gallo.

Her documentary was about a murder case where the suspect was let off the hook and found not guilty even though all the evidence pointed back to her. Gallo concluded that she believed Amanda was also guilty along with many other people.


4. Rich Hill by Rosalinda Ruiz.

Rich Hill was a documentary about 3 young boys living in poverty each dealing with their own problems at home. Rose concluded that watching the documentary about the boys makes her grateful for what she has because there are some people who don’t have food to eat at night and there are people who are upset they can’t get an iPhone,

3. Into the Abyss by Marshanea Morris

Into the Abyss was my personal documentary I did. I really enjoyed this documentary because im a person who supports the death penalty and the documentary is about 2 young men who killed 3 people and 1 is serving the death penalty while the other serves life in prison.

2. Never Say Never by Annete Alvarez

I really like this one because I love Justin Bieber and since I wasn’t able to do Never Say Never why not let another person. This documentary showed Justin’s rise to fame. It was very inspirational especially the story before becoming the Justin Bieber is very touching and heartwarming.

1. Believe by Natriana Nobles

My ultimate favorite was BELIEVE!!!!! This documentary makes me cry every time because Justin is so lovely and innocent but the media made him look like a monster. Growing up as a child in fame can be very hard because there’s always someone judging you and telling you how to live even though you’d rather be free.


Senior Presentation

My favorite presentation was really liked the Child abuse awareness and how teachers can help. I really liked this presentation because school really like to focus on bullying within school systems but never think about the bullying going on with the students outside of school. Danyale While did a very great job explain what happens to the human brain and how the hippocampus shrinks when a child undergoes some type of abuse at home. I have personally never been through anything with being abused as a child but I know people who have and are scared to reach out but always wish someone who could, would. I agree that teachers should take a class or some type course of ways to help children going through problems at home. No child should be afraid to go home and no teacher should keep quite about seeing bruises on a young child. A few things I really liked about White presentation is how loud clear and engaging. Made everyone want to listen to what her presentation was about. A few problems I  had with her presenting would be her attitude though. She was very bubbly and laughing about a situation that I didn’t find funny. When presenting something on this type of situation shouldn’t make people laugh and happy it should make people aware and leave them thinking.


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My mom name is Marchella and my dad name is Derek. I have1 sister and 1 brother. My mom is 40 years old and is a nurse at the local hospital. My sister name is Kadareah and she is 21 with 2 kids and also works as the hospital with my mom. My brother name is Tabyous he is about to be 18 April 22 and we both go to the same school. He’s a student-athlete. My name is Marshanea and I will be 17 April 23rd. My family is usually working or of doing sports so we really don’t spend much time together except at night but a few traditions we have is Christmas day. We always find a way to spend Christmas together no matter what.

Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi

The Tombs od Buganda Kings at Kasubi is the major spiritual center for the Baganda where traditional and cultural practices have been preserved. The Kasubi tombs are the most active religious place in the kingdom, where rituals are frequently performed. It’s also the burial ground for the previous four kings which qualifies it as a religious center for the royal family. The tombs represent a place where communication links with the spiritual world are maintained. At its core on the hilltop is the main tomb building, locally referred to as the “Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga”. This tomb building has been in existence since the 13th century. The latest building was the former palace of the Kabakas of Baganda, built in 1882 and converted into the royal burial ground in 1884. Four royal tombs now lie within the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga. The site’s main significance lies in its intangible values of beliefs, spirituality, continuity and identity of the Baganda people. The site serves as an important historical and cultural symbol for Uganda and East Africa as a whole.


Related image

California is a common visiting site for foreigners coming to America. It is home to the Hollywood sign and many famous people. The nickname for the state is “Golden State”. Many if the most visited places in the Golden State is Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods National Monument, Universal Studios Hollywood, Fishermans Wharf, Alcatraz Island, Lake Tahoe, Balboa Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Joshua Tree National Park, Santa Monica Pier, TCL Chinese Theatre and Walk of Fame and many many more. California is a very entertaining place to enjoy because of the great weather all year around allows for long beach walks during fall or even winter. Dazzling cities filled with culture and entertainment. You never know the celebrities you might meet from just a day in Los Angeles, Hollywood or Calabasas. Theme parks and some of the best food is also found around California. Even for many Americans, California is a place they have always enjoyed visiting or at least want to visit.

Black History on Emmett Till

On August 28th, 1955 a young African-American teenager named Emmett Till was allegedly beaten to death because a white women claimed he grabbed her and tried to flirt with her. After Till death, his murder had become a big case in the civil rights movement. Emmett Till was from a small town in Illinois called Argo. He went off to Money, Mississippi to visit relatives where he was abducted from his uncle’s house, beaten and mutilated then shot and thrown into the Tallachtechie River. His body was found 3 days later and returned back to Chicago where he mother held a funeral with the casket open for many to see not only the American racism but also the limitations to American Democracy. Tens of thousands African Americans visited his funeral and he was published by many black-oriented magazines and newspapers. Although law enforcement officials called for justice somehow they still found ways to defend Mississippians. Tow man named Roy Brant and John Milam publicly announced they had kidnapped and killed Emmett Till. In 2008 Carolyn Bryant publically discussed the incident and in her testimony said that Till had made verbal and physical advances towards her. Now 60 years after his death Mrs. Bryant confessed that she falsely accused Emmett Till of touching her and verbally accosting her. It is likely that he whistled at her but one thing she couldn’t bring herself to say is his exact words that he’d done something with a white women before.

Super Bowl Commercials

My number one favorite Super Bowl commercial of 2017 is Justin Bieber.

This was my favorite because it involved my husband Justin. The audience is for people looking to switch carries like young adults or fans who just really love juJustinieber like me. The purpose is to promote T-Mobile unlimited data after switching over. Because Justin is such a pop icon right now T-Mobil will get a lot of promotion from this commercial.

Another one of my favorite super bowl commercials from last night would be the “Oh My”.

This commercial to help promote pizza hut $6.99 pizza for all sizes. The older man is very excited repeating “oh my” while eating pizza hut. This audience is for people who enjoying eating pizza and likes pizza hut. They’ve made the pizza cheaper so people can afford it. The purpose is to promote their most recent deal before its too late while showing this delicious looking pizza.


The last commercial I liked the We Accept commerical.

This commercial is to help support all different races of all different kinds in all different communities to show that they are all accepted. With the whole president and racial incident going around with people judging others for something they can’t help or how they were raised. The audience was for people of different ethnicity and of different ways that may not feel accepted because of the other people around them being mean and judgmental. This purpose is an advertisement for a bed and breakfast place showing they accept all different kind of people plus it showed not everyone is discriminating them.

Death Penalty….. yes or no?

The death penalty is the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. People who’ve become famous for murder in the 1900’s got the death, for example, Ted Bundy. A nation known serial killer in the 1970’s. Killing and raping women for years until he was finally caught and convicted of murder to at least 36 women. He along with thousands of others had suffered from the death penalty for their horrid crimes. Although many believe some criminals deserve to be killed after convicted of a horrible crime, others aren’t too fond of this discipline. Those who do not agree with the death penalty believe there are too many innocent people convicted of a crime he/she has never committed. I, on the other hand, would agree to the death penalty but only for crimes with undeniable evidence. From the poll in the link above 71% voted YES to the death penalty while 29% voted NO. Currently 58 countries worldwide allow the death penalty, including the U.S., while 97 countries have outlawed it. Overall many voted yes to the death penalty for obvious reason that I clearly agree with. If someone like Ted Bundy is on the lose why should I have to fear for my life because a maniac doesn’t care about life or death?

Play-Doh Creation

 The creation I make with my play-doh is a pop cake with words carved into different places and parts. For example, the first person I put was my mom because she means the world to me. I don’t know where I’d be if she wasn’t always there for me. No matter how much I disagree with her I know she’s only looking out for me so I can be successful in life and I appreciate her for that. I drew a few music signs in my play-doh creation because music is literally life. I’m not even sure what I’d do if I didn’t have music in my life. I like all different kinds of music that are catchy or can help me through things. At the moment mt favorite songs would be an mgk song because I like him as a rapper. Another artist that I really love to listen to and as a person is Justin Bieber, I put his initials jb because he’s the love of my life and I’ve been supporting him since I was 9. Lastly, I carved a heart into my cake pop because it symbolizes love but people use love in many times in different ways. For example, you love your favorite ice cream in a different way you’d love you significant other or parents. The heart is just a way to bring everything I love together in one so I don’t have to try and think of everything that i love at once because i love a lot of things.


The design I chose for my wordle is a music sign because music is my escape and it helps me cope when I’m going through things in my life, weather is good or bad, music is always there. the words I chose are little things like love, nice, happy, math, and drama. Those words are words that I’d use to describe me and also school subjects that I enjoy the most. Other things I put on there was musicians/artist that I listen to daily and help me cope most of the time. Justin Bieber is one and he means the most to me. I love him <3. The last thing I added was my favorite movie which is Titanic and this quote I call Matter over Mind. It goes “Do what you love and love what you do because those that mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. It helps me a lot also because of many temporary people in your life that put down your dream and it isn’t fair to you if your not happy after they leave since you basically put what you love on the line for someone who doesn’t care.

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