Month: November 2015

Drop Dead Review

Something i thought was done very well was the comedy that was supposed to be portrayed. The parts that was supposed to be funny was actually funny for example when the mother came on stage i think she actually nailed her part. Whoever the student was. Or when the guy kept forgetting his soon to be wife name. He called her other things that i found really funny including Pizza Hut. There British accents were extremely good. I find it difficult to do a British accent but they made it look easy. I think the people who played the roll nailed it. When the two guys had to sit on the wall because there was no real chairs was really funny or when the butler through the coats on the hook but since the hook was actually painted on the wall the coats just fell on the floor. The play was pretty good over all.

Veterans Day

Veterans day was first celebrated November 11th in 1919, which is the 11th month on the 11th day. Veterans day originated as Armistice Day it then evolved into the current Veterans Day holiday in 1954It originated on November 11th 1919 because that was the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Veterans Day became a actually holiday in 1938 when congress decided. Veterans Day is a day for people to thank our veterans for fighting for our country and helping us stay a free country.  Typically on veterans day a lot of restaurants usually have it to were retired veterans are able to eat free and they also get veteran discounts on countless of things. Veterans are something really important to America. Even though Veterans day and Memorial Day is pretty similar the two are completely different. Veterans day is supposed to be for ALL the U.S military veterans while Memorial day is only to be celebrated for people who lost there lives fighting for our country.

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