Month: February 2016

Black History Month

I chose Martin Luther King Jr. to write about for my black history post because he’s the reason I’m able I’m able to go to the same school as different raced people or call a white person my friend. He’s the reason we have a black President. If Martin Luther King didn’t feel the need to separate the boundaries between the color of our skin in 2016 we would probably still be dealing with interracial problems. King is a big part of Black History Month  because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind when a few thousands of people beg to differ from his opinion. I read a quote Mr. King made which reads “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend”. To me this quote is to inform whites, when racist was a big thing, that the only way to get pass our, as in blacks, skin tone is to show love instead of hate because that’s the only thing that can make a person your friend. This quote speaks 1000 words to me when in reality it only has 12 words.

Motivational Videos

The purpose of the Nike commercial is to persuade others on any kind of sports teams, for example basketball, to pushing their self and working harder to prove your what it takes to be the best. The stance is for athletes to work harder and be the best at what they can be. Audience can be for any athlete whether their in middle school, high school, college or a professional player. They can only get better if they work to become better then they were yesterday.

The purpose of this Adidas commercial is to persuade athletes to go for different things and try to make that half court shoot, something people will remember you by. The stance is to get the athletes to do something unforgettable so people will remember your name. The audience is for all athletes is informing athletes that people don’t remember the past no matter if their team won or lost all that matters is if you did something worth acknowledging like a crazy almost impossible dunk or the last goal when your teams are tied.

In this Coca Cola commercial the purpose is to drink coca cola because it will help you have fun. The stance is for others to have fun and live in the moment. Try to be young forever and going for what you want… if your a girl and you like a guy, invite him out sometimes, don’t wait for him to make the first move. The audience is for teens/ young adults.

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