Month: April 2017

Senior Presentation

My favorite presentation was really liked the Child abuse awareness and how teachers can help. I really liked this presentation because school really like to focus on bullying within school systems but never think about the bullying going on with the students outside of school. Danyale While did a very great job explain what happens to the human brain and how the hippocampus shrinks when a child undergoes some type of abuse at home. I have personally never been through anything with being abused as a child but I know people who have and are scared to reach out but always wish someone who could, would. I agree that teachers should take a class or some type course of ways to help children going through problems at home. No child should be afraid to go home and no teacher should keep quite about seeing bruises on a young child. A few things I really liked about White presentation is how loud clear and engaging. Made everyone want to listen to what her presentation was about. A few problems I  had with her presenting would be her attitude though. She was very bubbly and laughing about a situation that I didn’t find funny. When presenting something on this type of situation shouldn’t make people laugh and happy it should make people aware and leave them thinking.


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My mom name is Marchella and my dad name is Derek. I have1 sister and 1 brother. My mom is 40 years old and is a nurse at the local hospital. My sister name is Kadareah and she is 21 with 2 kids and also works as the hospital with my mom. My brother name is Tabyous he is about to be 18 April 22 and we both go to the same school. He’s a student-athlete. My name is Marshanea and I will be 17 April 23rd. My family is usually working or of doing sports so we really don’t spend much time together except at night but a few traditions we have is Christmas day. We always find a way to spend Christmas together no matter what.

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